Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm not even talking to anyone, yet, since I am just starting my first blog.  Blogging is one of those things that I was comfortable with not knowing or ever caring about.  Only weird people who had nothing better to do blogged.  This is what I told myself, at least, so that I could remain comfortable not knowing a single thing about blogs.

Then I had a life-altering event in my life.  I am not sure I can call it a single event, but one day I woke up and saw the chaos in my life.  Bad chaos, not like the kind of blessed chaos that comes with raising children, but the kind of unwanted chaos that others can selfishly bring into a person's life.  I saw the chaos and I chose to remove myself from it.  I don't plan on focusing on the circumstances that lead me to where I am now, because amid the chaos, I realized there is a whole world out there that I have been missing.  The world is a beautiful place and has wonderful things to offer.  My eyes opened up to poetry, beautiful poetry.  And photography.  And music.  And reading.  And blogging and finding out about so many different people in the world who have so many things in common with me.  I plan to use this blog as my own journal, and if anyone finds it interesting enough to join me on this journey, I'd be touched and honored. 

It won't be the most creative blog.  It won't be the funniest.  It won't have the best poetry.  It won't display the best photography.  But it's mine and I need it right now.


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