Monday, July 16, 2012

it's a girl!

I went for my regular monthly appointment at 12 weeks.  They did an ultrasound, and the ultrasound technician said early into the ultrasound, "This baby is bigger than 12 weeks."  Shocker #1 for the day - I was actually 15 and a half weeks along instead of 12 weeks like I thought.  I asked her is she'd be able to tell what the sex was.  She replied pretty quickly she could, and it sounded like she got a good view as soon as I asked.  Then she stopped herself and asked me, "What a minute.  What do you have at home?"  I laughed and told her I have 4 boys (I laugh because it still sounds like a lot to me).  She said, "Well, then let me double check....yep, it's a girl!"  It was an early ultrasound, but she said she was 95% confident that we're having a girl this time.  We even saw the "three little lines".  No turtle there :)  Oh, and everything else looks perfect at this point.  We'll be going for another ultrasound to get a better look at her when she's bigger.

I was actually a little freaked out at first about the idea of having a girl.  Then I realized all of the extra stuff that goes into having a girl - hair bows, tights, bloomers (are they called bloomers still?) - and then I really had a minor moment of anxiety.  But this was 6 weeks ago that we found out, so now it's settled in.  And everyone is very excited.  I got a great deal on a crib purchased from someone on craigslist, and my husband bought a couple of sweet outfits for her while making a Target run last week.  My oldest son is 7 and a half now.  He tells everyone we run into when we're out that we're having a baby girl.  He is the most excited about this newest addition who is joining our family!

We are discussing names, and we keep going back to the same girl name we considered before we knew our first child was a boy.  My husband cannot commit on a name, yet, so I won't announce it until he commits.  

Oh, yes - and the due date has been moved from December 20th to November 24th.  She'll be a Thanksgiving baby instead of a Christmas baby!


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