Saturday, July 27, 2013

authenticity and truth

There was a refreshing opinion piece written at the New York Post, "Mass Appeal". A million people are in Brazil this week for World Youth Day. It makes sense that a million young people would gather in the nation with the largest Catholic population to see the world's first latin American pope. But the author points out the large attendance at previous World Youth Days.

In a world where we continuously hear the mantra that the Church is irrelevant and outdated, how can World Youth Day continuously draw large numbers of attendees?
"Then again, maybe the anything-goes culture that so many of our young people are growing up in hasn’t been as uniformly delightful as we’ve been led to believe. Perhaps some have tasted the loneliness and emptiness Pope Francis spoke of in Brazil."
The world makes all sorts of promises to our youth of happiness in possessions and prosperity. But young people are left disillusioned and empty after obtaining these promises. They long for something more.
They may be unable to explain the theological details, but they plainly thirst for authenticity and truth, of the kind that sustains those who have nothing and can fulfill those who can find themselves bored and self-destructive because they have too much.
Truth cannot be found in shopping malls.
Truth cannot be found in fancy new cars.
Truth cannot be found in partying and having a good time.
Truth cannot be found in your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse.
Truth cannot be found on Facebook.
Truth cannot be found in your 401(k).
Truth can only be found in Christ.
Truth can only be found in Christ.


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